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The Full Story

Me and You

It seems like it was just yesterday!

We met in Los Angeles, December of 2016. From that moment on, we were inseparable. 

We made a home together with our dogs. As time passed, we found that we had more and more in common with one another.  If we're not relaxing at home eating Marie's delicious cooking, we're most likely on an adventure... exploring a museum, hunting records, wine tasting or traveling the world.

Our love for each other (and of wine and travel) has led us here: 

A wedding in Tuscany with our favorite people in the world.


I still remember our first date, It lasted more than 10 hours. Ryan showed me a lot of things that I never thought were possible. He gave me a powerful reminder that not everything is replaceable.



When I met Marie I knew she was the one.  Her many talents and accomplishments inspired me to be a better and more well rounded person. I couldn't imagine life without her.


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