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             From Florence



By Car-it's 1 hr and 10mins from the airport to Dievole. You will pass a toll. Get your coins ready. Cost .50 cent

By train- it's 1 hr and 50 mins from Santa Maria Novella Train Station to Siena Train station.

You can rent a car from Siena or call a cab to take you to Dievole (25mins)


If you are traveling by car- you can rent it either outside of Florence airport or you can also rent a car from Siena. You will have to travel by train first to get to Siena.

If you are traveling by train- from Florence Airport (FLR). There is a METRO outside of the airport it will spit you out at SMN (last stop) You can get the ticket from the machine outside by Metro rail. Make sure you have coins. Cost 1.30 euro When you get off from the train. Walk across to the pedestrian, you will see the steps to SMN. You can get your ticket to Siena from the machine or booth you will see the sign BIGLIETTO (ticket). Tty to get the direct route. It will take you 1.30 mins. Cost 9.30 euro. You can pay by card or small bills. 

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From  PISA



By Car- it's 1.57 hour almost 2 hours. Be ready for tolls. Get your coins ready.Cost .50cent 

By Train- it's 2 hrs and 30 mins (fastest route). Cost 15.90 euro.


If you are traveling by car- make sure you book your car pick up from Pisa Airport. There's a shuttle that will take you to whatever car rental you booked your car.


If you are traveling by train - there's a train outside of Pisa Airport (PISAMOVER) that takes you to Pisa Centrale Train station it's a 7 min route. You can get your ticket to Siena from Pisa Centrale. This route has no direct trains to Siena. You will have to change train to Empoli. Usually the same platform. 

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              From   ROME



By Car- it's 2 hrs and 45 minutes with toll, without the toll it's almost 4 hours. Cost 12.20 euro (toll fastest route)

By Train - almost 4 hrs (fastest route)

If you are traveling by car- you can rent your car from the Fiumicino Airport. As you drive towards Siena.There's 3 different tolls whichever route you take. Each route, you will hit 1 or 2 tolls. The fastest route - you will have to pay 12.20 euro  at Valdic Bettole Sinalunga. Try to have the exact change or small bills, or you can pay by card. Cash is faster. 


If you are traveling by train- you can take the train from the Roma Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini (train station) (32 mins travel time) Cost 14 euro . If it's not direct , usually there's a train change in Roma Trastevere. Travel time 1 hour. Cost 8 euro. From Roma Termini, you can get your tickets there to Siena. There's 2 ways to travel by train .

First option, You can take a fast train and  it will take all the way to SMN train station (Florence) since it's the main terminal and you will change to regional train to Siena. Travel time 3 hrs and 28 mins. Cost 59.50 euro. 

Second option, you can take the regional train from Roma Termini  to Siena. There's usually a train change at Chiusi-Chianciano .Travel time 3 hr and 35 mins (almost the same as the fastest route). Cost 17.85 euro. I've usually taken the Regional train from Rome to Siena. It's almost the same travel time and cheaper. I only take fast trains if I'm going long distance or going straight to the Main Stations.

Transport services


SMS Taxi Siena

+39 348 3892305

To book a taxi, send an SMS to the number indicated by writing;

- Address (street or square, street number and municipality);

- Special requests (dog or cat, payment by card, driver's language, number of passengers if more than 4, luggage if large).

Wait for the confirmation SMS with the code of the arriving taxi and the estimated time.


Private Transfer Shuttle


Tel # +39 333 7019983

Email :



You will have to book through their website and make sure you change it to “city rides” if it’s not a pick up or drop off to the airport.


24 Hour Taxi

This is a great Taxi service especially if you are visiting the heart of Siena. It’s open 24 hours and you will just have to book by call.


Tel # + 39 0577 49222

"Your journey is our home!"-Marie & Ryan

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